Swedish Massage: what is it good for?


In that past weeks, we did a series of posts on chronic pain management, body communication, human-centered healing, and manual therapy. Today, I invite you to read a post by Joseph Watts, LMT, where he addresses some of the misconceptions about manual therapy–namely, assuming all MT is alike.

FROM THE WattsIntegraiveMT BLOG:

A lot of misinformation gets passed around when it comes to massage. Let’s embark on a journey of discovery and clarification. In the coming weeks, I will explain the benefits and uses of the different types of massage. Massage modalities are seemingly infinite, so in these next handful of posts I will stick with the most common forms we typically see in our culture. Today, I’ll focus on Swedish massage: what it is, what it’s great for, what it’s “ok” for, and what it isn’t meant to do (or when it isn’t the best choice). Let’s dive in! [Read More]

Source: Swedish Massage: what is it good for?