Submission and Style

Submission and Style Guidelines

Dósis puts out three calls annually for contributions to our Winter/Spring, Summer, and Fall issues. These calls outline the theme for a given issue and provide specific deadlines for essay and commentary pitches as well as suggestions for works to review.

Please check out our current CFP .

Dósis considers three types of submissions:

Essays are between 1000-1500 words in length and grounded in the writer’s area of scholarly expertise, work in the field, or experience as an activist. Essays may also be in conversation or interview format with a scholar or practitioner.

Commentary pieces are 300-500 words in length and are more informal opinion pieces that speak to current events and the issue’s specific theme. Commentary may also be reflection on an event such as a conference session or public lecture that is relevant to the issue’s focus.

Reviews are expected to be 500-750 words in length, providing an overview of the work, its goals, and the reviewer’s estimation of its success.

Style Guide

Length: Between 300-700 words. This is an extremely flexible limit and longer pieces can be broken into multiple posts.

Links: Indicate links in the text as follows: “This will be a link []”

Images: Please use a maximum of three (unless they are thumbnails); send .jpg images or links to images online to the series editor. Medium or small images (approximately 500 x 400 pixels or less) will look best. Indicate placement in the text in whatever manner you wish. Image slideshows can be included in a post if more than three large images are wanted. Note: the author is responsible for clarifying the ownership or copyright of the pictures. We compiled a list of resources where you can find photos that are in the public domain: Europeana, DPLA, NLM, Flickr, LoC, Yale, Wellcome Images, Wikimedia, creative commons.

Audio/video: Both audio and video files can be embedded in a post. Please send the file to the series editor for inclusion. Indicate placement in the text in whatever manner you wish.

Captions: Please include a brief caption for images, audio, and video, including whatever rights or attribution information is relevant.

Author: Please send a one to three sentence biography of the author for use in the WordPress format.

Areas of interest: We invite guest posts to respond to our CFPs, and to share perspectives about medicine, medical history, health and humanities through a social justice lens. We welcome anthropological and sociological accounts that speak to themes of access, social welfare, cultural and historical practice. Current events are also welcome, and we particularly like to see posts about the under-served. We also welcome posts concerning the medhum aspects of museum and library collections, physical and digital. For more, see the CFP. We also welcome investigations of literature and health, illness narratives, and the power of story in medical humanities.