We have a Patreon!

As we relaunch Dósis as a blog and web magazine dedicated to marginalized voices in the medical humanities, we are committed to paying our contributors.  Patreon support will allow us to begin paying our contributors for their work while off-setting current operating costs, currently funded out of pocket by our editor-in-chief. Each successive goal in our Patreon campaign will off-set a little more of our operating expenses while giving contributors a raise! We want to ensure Dósis a sustainable future.

CURRENT GOAL: $150/month

When we reach an income of $150.00/month from patrons, we will be able to…

  • Pay our Essay contributors! $25.00/piece
  • Pay our Commentary contributors! $15.00/piece
  • Pay our Review contributors! $15.00/review
  • Pay 25% of Dósisoperating costs!

Read about the rest of our goals and giving tiers at our Patreon page. Become a patron of Dósis for as little as $1.00/month and help us pay our writers!