Editorial: Health, Gender, and Embodiment: Part Two

by Brandy Schillace, Editor-in-Chief

In this, our third and final issue of 2018, we present a series of thoughtful essays to carry us through the electoral season. Since our inception, which pre-dated the Dosis name, we’ve undertaken to present issues of health and social justice. Never has the call to action and advocacy seemed more necessary than now, as we watch women’s voices silenced or disbelieved by party politics, and the rights of LGBT, women, and minorities facing further restriction. Your words, your voices, matter. These essays, which follow on as part two of Gender, Health, and Embodiment (for part one, see Summer 1:2) speak to access, to history, and to our need of mutual support networks. From mental health history (Gilbert) and embodied pain and trauma (Stewart and Hansen), to issues of maternity and infertility (MacDonald and Novotny) and the rhetoric of depression narratives (Lloyd), our Fall/Winter issue brings the ongoing struggles for acceptance and voice to the fore.

This issue will also mark our last for the Dosis blogzine. But while we will not be posting additional CFPs in the foreseeable future, we are not closing our doors. The blog will continue to operate as archive for reading these works, and there may occasionally be additional editorial posts. Our work here has been an honor, but we’ve turned energies into other channels, still fighting the good fight for inclusivity and social justice. I would like, here, to particularly thank the Managing editor, Hanna Clutterbuck-Cook, and the Book Review editor, Anna Clutterbuck-Cook. Their titles do not do justice to the amount of behind the scenes work they have undertaken in the last 3+ years. I would like also to thank our engaged authors for sharing their time and words with us. And finally, hats off to you, our readers. We know that you are out doing your part. We encourage you not to lose hope, and to come together for support and self-care. And of course, as our cover image to the downloadable and sharable PDF makes clear, we thank you for voting for change!

Editorial: Sickness and Health in the Era of Trump

by Brandy Schillace, Editor-in-Chief.

Friends, it has been a long and difficult year for social justice. We have watched the repeated assaults on immigrants, on health coverage, and now on SNAP, food stamps, and other critical benefits—we’ve seen corresponding attacks on the systems and agencies that allow for the study and promotion of health, from the cutting of research grants to the endangerment of the NEH and NEA. And we have likewise witnessed the gutting of environmental protection, meaning that even assets of fresh air and water are under threat. Through all of this, we’ve witnessed the low, bullying of political rhetoric, a sinking from even moderate standards of decency in speech, and a willingness to lie, lie, lie because the lie suits—from those in the seats of power. Our psychological health, our physical health, and our community health is at stake. And let’s face it; we are all very tired. Continue reading “Editorial: Sickness and Health in the Era of Trump”