Editorial: Sickness and Health in the Era of Trump

by Brandy Schillace, Editor-in-Chief.

Friends, it has been a long and difficult year for social justice. We have watched the repeated assaults on immigrants, on health coverage, and now on SNAP, food stamps, and other critical benefits—we’ve seen corresponding attacks on the systems and agencies that allow for the study and promotion of health, from the cutting of research grants to the endangerment of the NEH and NEA. And we have likewise witnessed the gutting of environmental protection, meaning that even assets of fresh air and water are under threat. Through all of this, we’ve witnessed the low, bullying of political rhetoric, a sinking from even moderate standards of decency in speech, and a willingness to lie, lie, lie because the lie suits—from those in the seats of power. Our psychological health, our physical health, and our community health is at stake. And let’s face it; we are all very tired.

But let us not despair. In the midst of these challenges, we’ve seen signs of hope and of resistance. The first Women’s March signalled the start of a movement, which continued today. More women than ever are running for office, and likewise persons of different ethnicities and orientations. And even more hopefully, they are winning. Those who are most vulnerable frequently fight the hardest, despite the fact that they face an uphill battle. They will tell you: Resistance is expensive, but the alternative will ultimately cost so much more. Today, we are proud to present the first installment of this online magazine, under the theme sickness and health in the age of Trump. The authors here have given us their time and their words, and we are grateful for everything they do. It is not a battle we fight alone, and it certainly is far from over. This first issue, Winter/Spring 2018 (1.1), offers a look at sick politics; our next, Fall 1.2, will be focused around issues of embodiment and gender. We welcome you to read and share, and to download the free PDF of the entire issue which will be made available.

No matter where you are in this fight, whether you are watching your own benefits threatened, your own aid taken away—or are a social justice warrior by training and trade fighting for the benefits of others—or someone in the systems of power and privilege trying to make change from within (and all combinations thereof), we welcome you to lift your voice. At Dósis, we offer a platform welcoming your words, your conversation, your insights, and even your anger. And we will continue to strive toward an inclusive platform that recognizes the ideals we espouse. We hope you will support us as readers, and as writers, and we welcome partners who can aid in supporting both through our Patreon site. And in the meantime, I wish you strength in battle and rest when you need it: fight on.

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