“Opening Doors: from the medical to the health humanities

Drew University will be hosting a symposium : “Opening Doors: from the medical to the health humanities” on Friday, March 23rd from 3pm to 8pm at Drew University in Madison, NJ.

The theme of the event is an examination of the trajectory and future praxis of the health humanities in US healthcare and healthcare education.  Dr. Paul Crawford (University of Nottingham, UK) is the keynote speaker for this event, which will also include a panel discussion of the historical and current trajectories in the medical and health humanities both in the US and overseas; a round table discussion of the current and future role of health humanities in US healthcare curricula and practice; and which will be followed by breakout groups of academics, healthcare providers, and practitioners examining how best to implement the health humanities in practice.
The current schedule is as follows:
Schedule for Symposium

230pm-300 Introducing The Symposium
300pm-430 Panel:  Trajectories of Medical and Health Humanities

430pm-530 Keynote Address: Professor Paul Crawford  (University of Nottingham, UK)
530pm-630 Dinner/Poster Sessions
630pm-715 Round Table discussion: The Future Praxis of Health Humanities in the US
715pm-745 Break out groups discussing Implementation of Health Humanities in Practice
745pm-800 Sharing ideas from break out groups and concluding thoughts

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