Patreon update

As you may already be aware, Patreon has recently decided to change its fee structure. Whereas previously, patrons paid exactly what they pledged and the service fee was deducted from the creator’s income, moving forward Patreon plans to charge you, the patrons, a 2.9% + $0.35 processing fee for each pledge. This means, for example, that instead of pledging $5/month and paying $5/month to a given creator, you would pledge $5/month and be charged $5.49 ($0.14 + $0.35).

The backlash from creators and patrons to this proposal has been immediate and strong. We have emailed Patreon as creators — and also as supporters of other creators — to register our displeasure with this proposed change. As creators, we would prefer the option of covering the service fees 100% in order to ensure that our supporters are able to easily budget for their monthly donations and do not experience a sudden rise in the cost of giving creators their support. We hope that Patreon will listen to its users and think again about the wisdom of their proposed changes.

If Patreon does not reverse or amend its decision by December 31st and instead moves forward with the additional fee charged to patrons, Dósis will consider an alternative avenue for accepting monetary donations from supporters. If that happens, we will email and post an update here at Patreon and at Dósis.

We thank you for your support and look forward to sharing our first issue with you in early February 2018!


Brandy, Hanna, Anna, and Elizabeth
Dósis Editorial Team

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