CFP: Sickness and Health in the Era of Trump

This Monday — August 7th, 2017 — marked the 200th day of the Trump administration. Since January we have seen the steady erosion (chronicled by Amy Siskind and Matt Kiser among others) of our national — and international — well-being under the destructive leadership of a GOP-led federal government. We have also seen citizens and residents in all corners of our nation mounting a steady resistance against the erosion of progress made under the Obama administration. Progress toward better access to healthcare, environmental sustainability, deescalation of violence, and the recognition of human rights for all people living within and without our national borders.

Here at MedHum | Daily Dose we would like to hear from our readers about how your lives, your communities, and your research has changed since inauguration day. Do you have an idea for a post? Please send us a brief pitch — two or three sentences — to our series editor Hanna Clutterbuck-Cook at We look forward to hearing from you.

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