Book Review: Found

BookReviewLogoReview by Kasandra Lambert

In her debut novel, Found (SparkPress, 2016), certified nurse practitioner Emily Brett presents the story of Natalie, a young ICU nurse living in Denver, Colorado who is desperate for change. This novel follows Natalie as she leaves her stable job and becomes a travel nurse, placed in locations around the United States and abroad for a set amount of time.

29332829Natalie’s somewhat impulsive decision to quit takes on new urgency  after a strange encounter during the final days of her job in Denver. She fears a coworker, Beatty, has had a hand in killing her husband, who was a patient under Natalie’s care. She shares these concerns with her boss before leaving and thinks little of it until strange occurrences start to happen in all her travel assignments. A woman is poisoned after taking Natalie’s drink in Belize, her neighbor’s dog who has cares for is killed in Arizona. On a cruise to the Great Barrier Reef a man throws Natalie overboard during a storm. Eventually, Natalie is forced to hire a private investigator to determine what is happening after the police are of little help. The novel follows this drama and through this, Natalie develops a relationship to her father that had been erased after her mother’s death and finds love in Joel, a doctor at the hospital in Arizona.

Overall, the plot did not provide any surprises or odd twists in fate. The story  focused little on the medical interactions between Natalie and her patients but instead more on Natalie’s personal relationships. The novel has a few descriptive scenes between Natalie and patients but none were crucial to the plot line, apart from Beatty’s husband. Overall, I would not recommend Found for those interested medical humanities as it is a mix of mystery and romance with little emphasis on patient-provider interaction.

Kasandra Lambert is currently a graduate student at the University of Louisville in Kentucky pursuing a Masters in Bioethics and Medical Humanities. Previously, she has studied public health at the University of Kentucky.

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