NOW 8/1: Join Us in Speaking Out Against Global Violence

We have pushed the deadline for brief reflections back to Monday 8/1. Please consider joining us!

The editorial team at MedHum | Daily Dose have been reflecting on how to Acknowledge and combat the ongoing systemic physical harm against people of color in the United States, and the recent incidents of violence in Nice, France and Turkey.

We want to create a space for your voices as individuals with experience at the intersection of medical humanities and public life. We are seeking brief reflections, two or three sentences long, that recognize the multitude of perspectives and emotions brought forth by both the direct and indirect experience of these violent events. Shaping a quilt of quotes from contributors, we want to highlight your efforts toward and thoughts on creating safe spaces for yourself and your communities. We invite you to join us in a collaborative post that will go live next Wednesday.

Please send your thoughts to by Monday, August 1, 11:59pm GMT.

Have more to say? We also invite you to consider pitching longer pieces on the public health hazard that systemic violence represents. If you have experience in activism or research in this area. If you have ideas for a longer piece, please email with a brief description of your idea to begin that conversation.

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