Upcoming Event: Jan 20th Book Signing, Death’s Summer Coat

Death's Summer Coat_CVRBOOK SIGNING: JANUARY 20, 6PM, Dittrick Museum

Join us at the Dittrick Museum for a book signing and reading (by Brandy Schillace), on the US release of Death’s Summer Coat, what the history of death and dying can tell us about life and living. In the tradition of Being Mortal, DSC looks at what we can learn from the diverse ways in which people deal with mortality across time and place. Some of the stories are strikingly unfamiliar, whether it is “death cafes” in India or the mourning practices in Cambodia. Others, like Victoria “momento-mori” photography, are more familiar than you might suppose—but all reveal something about the present, and about ourselves. Books are available for sale, and light refreshments will be provided in the Powell and Lowman rooms, Allen Memorial Medical Library.

(Also, I get to read from it!) Hope to see you there–flyer in full.

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