MedHum Monday: Blogs you should be following!

DailyDose_PosterWelcome back to the Daily Dose–and Medhum Monday! Today, we feature a selection of blogs from our blog-roll. Not familiar with medical humanities? This field of inquiry has an interdisciplinary focus in which “humanities and social sciences perspectives are brought to bear upon an exploration of the human side of medicine” (Durham University). Want to know more? You can do no better than to visit these and other sites!


logoGenotopia | Here Lies Truth

Biomedicine and especially genetic medicine are among the most important and powerful cultural forces in our world today. This blog explores them from a historical (and sometimes satirical) point of view. Satire, you say? Indeed! The blog targets hype, false promises, and hypocrisy, using razor-sharp wit to unsettle our assumptions. These posts give us pause–they may make us laugh, but they also make us question. Satire as pedagogy has a long and rich history; come see how Genotopia enriches (questions, rattles, shakes and remakes) the scientific discussion!

Untitled-1Literature, Arts and Medicine Blog

This blog links to and is an extension of the NYU School of Medicine medical humanities web site and the Literature, Arts, and Medicine Database. It is intended to be a forum for scholarly discussion of ongoing projects in medical, nursing, premedical, graduate, and postgraduate education and research that use the humanities, social sciences, and the arts to address current issues in medicine and bioscience- from a variety of perspectives.

Panacea BannerPanacea: Musings on the History of Medicine

Panacea is the blog of Samantha Sandassie, doctoral candidate and teaching fellow in the department of history at Queen’s University. Samantha’s work investigates the process of surgical professionalization in England during the long 17th century– through the eyes of guild, practitioner, and patient. Panacea provides a broad perspective on health and the human!

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