Friday Fiction Feature


Hello and welcome back to the Friday Fiction Feature! Tabatha Here to show you the best in “cult” novels, zombie thrillers, and (once again) my intended career as an academic mystery-solver. So sit back and enjoy the show as we bring you the best we’ve got in novels to lead you astray and bring you back to unreality with this week’s selection.


Astray by Amy Christine Parker

Amy Christine Parker’s Astrayto be released this August 26th, takes us into the dangerous world of cultism, community, family, and mystery.

Astray (Gated, #2)Lyla is caught between two worlds. The isolated Community that she grew up in and the outside world that she’s navigating for the very first time. The outsiders call the Community a cult, but Pioneer miraculously survived a shooting that should have killed him. Are the faithful members right to stay true to his message? Is this just a test of faith? One thing is for sure: the Community will do anything to bring Lyla back to the fold. Trapped in a spider’s web of deception, will Lyla detect the sticky threads tightening around her before it’s too late? She’ll have to unravel the mystery of what Pioneer and the Community are truly up to if she wants to survive.
 Suspenseful and chilling, Astray is Amy Christine Parker’s nerve-fraying sequel to Gated. This fast-paced psychological thriller is masterfully plotted and sure to leave goose bumps. Perfect for fans of creepy YA thrillers and contemporary fiction alike.

Going Astray by Christine Moore

Going AstrayContinuing in the world of suspicions “communities” Christine Moore’s Going Astray leads the reader through the twisting, confusing world of family, community, danger, and ‘interpreted’ religion.

Laura and Malcolm are everyday people whose lives are turned upside down when the church community they sign into becomes more and more un-Christlike in its behaviour. When her toddler’s life is risked by the church leaders, Laura knows she has to escape. But already the community has become a prison, and she becomes more and more frantic in the struggle against her husband’s and son’s disinterest in leaving, her growing attraction to another man, and her confusion about basic Christian gifts of the Spirit. Faced with decisions that will rip apart her family, Laura acts: but her breathtaking struggle to escape tears apart the family, as this story of betrayal builds to a terrifying climax.

Astray by James Dixon

Because you can’t tell a book by its cover any more than you can tell a cult by its name, with the same title and a wildly different story, James Dixon’s Astray takes place on the other side of crime and danger through the eyes of a private detective faced with a tracing job few would volunteer for.

Thrown out of the police after the break up of his marriage, O’Donhal is forced to make his living as a private investigator. One day, however, an altogether new class of client arrives: he is asked to track down Mr. Pestilens, the fourth horseman of the apocalypse. While working the case he is introduced to the elusive and apparently downtrodden ‘Sweeney’, Angel of Death and consummate drinking buddy who trails him throughout.

Rise Again: A Zombie Thriller by Ben Tripp

Exploring what may happen if our detective O’Donhal cannot find that fourth horseman in time Ben Tripp’s Rise Again: A Zombie Thriller explores the ever-troubling zombie apocalypse to remind us once again that maybe a day without Death keeping the books wouldn’t be such a good thing after all.

And a warning that would come all too late . . . 
Forest Peak, California. Fourth of July. Sheriff Danielle Adelman, a troubled war veteran, thinks she has all the problems she can handle in this all-American town after her kid sister runs away from home. But when a disease-stricken horde of panicked refugees fleeing the fall of Los Angeles swarms her small mountain community, Danny realizes her problems have only just begun—starting with what might very well be the end of the world. Danny thought she had seen humanity at its worst in war-torn Iraq, but nothing could prepare her for the remorseless struggle to survive in a dying world being overrun by the reanimated dead and men turned monster. Obsessed with finding her missing sister against all odds, Danny’s epic and dangerous journey across the California desert will challenge her spirit . . . and bring her to the precipice of sanity itself. . . . Filled with adventurous human drama and shocking inhuman horror. 

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

The HistorianAnd finally, with a book that has nothing to do with the others, Elizabeth Kostova’s The Historian grounds us back in the more realistic world of academia, research, and adventure (that’s realistic for academia right? Because I have certain expectations from this degree–we do get adventures & earth-shattering secrets right? Of course we do, why else would we spend our lives in windowless offices?).

To you, perceptive reader, I bequeath my history…
Late one night, exploring her father’s library, a young woman finds an ancient book and a cache of yellowing letters addressed ominously to ‘My dear and unfortunate successor’. Her discovery plunges her into a world she never dreamed of – a labyrinth where the secrets of her father’s past and her mother’s mysterious fate connect to an evil hidden in the depths of history.

And so, with cults, zombies, historical research, and the promise that I intend to use my master’s degree to become enmeshed in the high adventure of Victorian research (that is how this works right?!) I bid you adieu, until next time.

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