Alex Grecian Gives us the Devil

FictionReboot2Welcome back to the Fiction Reboot! As the companion blog to the Daily Dose, we aim not only to promote great fiction and brilliant authors, but also the intersections between literature and science/medicine. Today, I am pleased to bring you both in the third installment of Alex Grecian’s Murder Squad series, THE DEVIL’S WORKSHOP.

From my recent Huffington Post review of the novel:

indexI was twelve or so, I think, and my brother was eight. Something black and strange lived in the thicket, something with red eyes. Later years taught me to speculate: perhaps it was a bear, or a large dog, or a trick of the light. What remains quite clear, however, is the experience of fear in its purest form–a nameless horror that left a gaping hole of ragged terror behind. I’ve since come to expect the Devil to walk on human feet, and yet the worst of humanity’s offenders will undoubtedly vibrate with the same all-consuming dread. Now, thanks to Alex Grecian’s latest book, I know exactly what to call him. He answers to Jack.

Read more here–get the novel here–and, because we do more than tease, view the book trailer below!

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