The Daily Dose Presents: ‘Digital Dittrick’ Online Exhibits

DailyDose2Welcome back to the Daily Dose!

In the past few weeks, we have been featuring various museum and library collections, and today I have the pleasure of presenting the one I guest-curate for: The Dittrick Museum of Medical History.

Untitled-1The Dittrick Medical History Center is comprised of the museum, archives, and collections of rare books, artifacts, and images. The Center originated as part of the Cleveland Medical Library Association (est. 1894) and today functions as an interdisciplinary study center within the College of Arts and Sciences of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. The museum is curated by Dr. James Edmonson and his team of talented folks, all of whom have had a hand in bringing Dittrick’s collections to a wider public through digital means. (Speaking of which, scroll to the end to see a great video on contraception featuring Dr. Edmonson and other curators!)

The museum houses a wonderful gallery of exhibits that is diverse and dynamic, while the rare book collection includes Freud, Darwin, works on dermatology, herbals, obstetrics, surgery, history of science and anatomy–AND the library of Nicolas Pol, Renaissance physician to the Holy Roman Emperor! In reality, the museum has more to offer than the walls can hold–which is true of most museums–and so we also have a number of online exhibits and archives, part of what I like to call “digital Dittrick.”

Examples and links from the Online Exhibits. One of the largest is the Percy Skuy Contraception collection, which we will also be blogging about (and for which we will soon have video content to host). Some of the content from these collections have also appeared in recent blog posts at


Additionally, a number of other materials are digitally archived–Darwin’s letters, for instance, and parts of the image collection. We also have a wonderful artifact collection online, with images and stories for historical objects.

We hope you will continue to join us here as we celebrate digital and online collections at libraries and museums–and that you will return in early fall for mini-round-table discussions from the curators!

The History of Condoms video with Chief Curator James Edmonson:

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