Notes from Prague: Probing the Boundaries of Reproduction, Last Sessions

Origins, Bodies, Transitions, Futures

IMG_9192Today marked my last day in Prague–From “Making Sense of Pain” to “Probing the Boundaries of Reproduction,” these conference sessions explored the varied experiences of our shared humanity. Pulling in panelists from many disciplines and more than 18 countries, we were more than inter-disciplinary, we were multi-national. I will list below the final panels, with links to their abstracts–but I encourage you to visit and explore the IDnet nexus of conferences and programs. I also invite you to explore Prague, which is a city of surprises. I spent the last of the daylight atop the park hill, over-looking the city and the castle amid bright blooms of lilac. I will return. I hope you will join me.

May 14, 2013

Session 7: Crossing Boundaries of Choice

London Fog: Transnational Travel and Abortion Tourism
Christabelle Sethna
University of Ottawa, Canada

The Boundaries of Choice, Autonomy and Beneficence in Maternity Healthcare Nursing Practice
Riikka Homanen
School of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Tampere, Finland

The Triumph Over the Body: Fantasies and Their Protective Functions
Helena Vissing
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, USA

Session 8: Monstrous Motherhood and Pregnancy and Birth at the Boundaries

Birthing for the First Time: How Boundaries Define, Confine, and Refine Adolescent Reproduction
Vania Smith-Oka
University of Notre Dame, USA

Frankenstein: Reproductive Mythologies and Genre
Monika Lee
Department of English, Brescia University College at Western University, Canada

Constructing Monstrous Motherhood: Rape and Enforced Impregnation During the War on the Balkans
Tatjana Takševa
Saint Mary’s University, Canada

Session 9: Surrogacy in Jeopardy

“Generative Graft”: Questions on the Politics of Surrogacy
Elina Staikou
University of London, United Kingdom

Pa/Maternity in Jeopardy: The Legitimacy of Display
Howard Caygill
Kingston University, United Kingdom

Testimony and the Madness of the Mother’s Body
Shela Sheikh
University of London, United Kingdom

Session 10: Pushing Gender Boundaries and Queering Reproduction

FTM in the Fertility Clinic: Troubling the Gendered Boundaries of Reproduction Using New Reproductive Technologies
Kim Surkan
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Queer Clichés: Human Reproduction and the Replication of Heteronormative Paradigms
Fabio Ferrari
Franklin College, Switzerland

Uterine Utopia: Queering Prenatal Psychology
Nick Rubashkin
Staff Ob/Gyn at California Pacific Medical Center, St. Luke’s Campus

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