The Daily Dose features: Research Raven

DailyDose2Welcome back to Literary Medicine’s Daily Dose!

The mission of  the Dose is to honor, support, and share perspectives about medicine and humanities across cultures and disciplines. I began the blog spot to promote medical humanities (also called health and humanities), and as a forum for those who–as academics, physicians, alt-acs, independent scholars, authors, and just plain curious and intrepid souls–add to our shared knowledge of medicine, literature, and the search for what it means to be human. Today, I would like to promote a resource that has been valuable to me as a means of connecting with other medical humanist scholars: The Research Raven.

ResearchRaven™ is a public service provided by the Samaritan Health Services Center for Health Research and Quality. Their mission statement is “to  advance health research, program development and scholarship by enabling users to efficiently find current information about funding opportunities, professional conferences, calls for papers and other research-related materials.” This free online database lists CFPs, conferences and other noteworthy workshops across the spectrum of health sciences, and they are happy to promote much of the cutting-edge programs being advanced in the medical humanities.

I am very fortunate to have worked with Hope Leman, Research Information Technologist for the Center for Health Research and Quality –and an editor for the Raven. Her support and enthusiasm have been invaluable, especially as I am project leader for two interdisciplinary conferences myself (one on making sense of pain, the other on the boundaries of reproduction).  She has published on the value of Research Raven to librarians (see article) and has also presented on this valuable tool at the Oregon Public Health Association’s 2011 conference. The Research Raven has also been mentioned in INCIPIT (History of the Health Sciences Section of the Medical Library Association).

Have a look–and bookmark the page. I’m sure you will find is as valuable a resource and help-meet as I have.

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