The Fiction Reboot Presents: Jonathon Gunson and Avoiding Social Media Mistakes

FictionReboot2Welcome to the Fiction Reboot!

Publication: it tends to be the holy grail or golden fleece of the writing world. But what happens after you publish? Writers often dream of that perfect publishing house–the one who does all the leg work for you and makes you a best-seller–but in reality, authors are often expected to do some of their own marketing. How should an author go about it?

On one hand, technology and social media platforms have made this much easier. An author can get his or her name out by blogging and giving blog tours–or by making a Facebook and webpage. Authors can spread the word through these mediums, and make connections with other authors and publishers via Twitter. It can be really idyllic–a wonderfully supportive community with mutual benefits. It can also be a potential mine-field. Today, I would like to introduce the blog work of Jonathan Gunson–a best-selling author and writer for BestsellerLabs. Jonathan has kindly allowed me to reprint part of his recent article about the one thing authors should NOT do on social media sites. Thank you, Jonathan!


The One Thing An Author Should Never Do On Social Media…
by Jonathan Gunson

Yesterday, while I was listening to a debate on my car radio about the future of books, the station suddenly cut to an advertising break – that seemed to last for an eternity.

 Eventually I switched it off in sheer frustration.

 But it didn’t stop there. After arriving back at my house I logged onto Twitter, only to be hit by an avalanche of authors all shouting “Here’s my new book!”, which was equally tedious.

 It struck me right then that many authors think social media should be used to ‘run advertisements’ in the same way that companies do on radio stations. But in doing so, those authors are making a critical error – and run the risk of being ‘switched off’ too.

 Here’s the crucial thing to understand:

 If you constantly advertise instead of being interesting, readers will tune out.

 People are on social media to chat, interact and be entertained, in a similar way to talk-back radio listeners. They are certainly not there to be ‘pitched’ at. So authors who constantly ‘shout’ their books on Twitter and Facebook will quickly find themselves being ignored. […continue reading…]

Jonathan may be reached on his website, the blog, or on twitter at @jonathangunson

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