Tending your Fire

It is Guy Fawkes Day. I was, however, not reading of gun-powder plots this morning. Instead, I was waking up to Thomas a Kempis, priest, monk and writer. Perusing Imitation of Christ, I discovered an unfortunate truth not only regarding the spiritual life but apparently many an academic career…

‘that we were better and more pure in the beginning of our conversion than after many years of our profession. Our fervor…should be greater; but now it is esteemed a great matter if we can retain a small part.’

We do get tired, don’t we?

Today, my best wishes to all my friends and colleagues who feel their first excitement buried under work, stifled by workplace politics, crushed by the unending bullet train of political ads, stampeded by threats to basic rights or otherwise smothered by cares–Hang in there.

It’s bonfire night, after all–let’s tend those first fires!

Guy Fawkes
http://www.bonfire night.net/

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