Fiction Reboot: Scary Stories, just in time for Halloween

Welcome back to the Fiction Reboot–and the week of Halloween!

I love Halloween. I should; I’m a Gothic literature/medicine professor, and it’s the one time of year when no one questions why I hang out in cemeteries.

There are, however, unforeseen perks to being known as the local Gothic-go-to. For instance, the Winona Daily News (in collaboration with the Bookshelf bookstore) began a series of “scary stories” to celebrate the holiday–and I was asked not only to submit a tale but also to do the illustrations. The first story, “Ghost Pine Lake,” is mine. The others are from local Winonans, and even some of my students! How could I resist?

Ghost Pine Lake

So–if you need a bit of Halloweekend reading, may I suggest tuning in? (Some links are not yet live–to be released!)

Night Owl
The Doll
Fear of the Dark
Burnt Pizza
The Halloween Protector

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