Fiction Reboot: The Semester Start-up

Welcome to the Fiction Reboot!

It has been an incredible summer. Mondays witnessed the beginning of my companion posts on the Daily Dose (for medical humanities features); Tuesdays brought advice on agents, publishers and more; Wednesdays featured my fiction and short-shorts like Mattie Hornbecker and Ghost Pine Lake; Thursdays included author interviews with an incredible number of guests, new authors and best-sellers; Fridays features new released and old favorites. For the months of summer, the blog never skipped a day–and so I have kept to that ever important writing schedule.

In the coming months, the Fiction Reboot and Daily Dose will continue, still bringing you amazing interviews (this week we have Lynn Shepherd, Murder at Mansfield Park, The Solitary House). The Friday Fiction Feature will also run weekly, as will the Daily Dose. I also hope to continue featuring agents and small presses, providing answers to your questions. But of course, Semester Start-up means the daily feed must be adjusted. We may miss a day now and then, but quality over quantity is an intelligent trade off.


Next week: I will be traveling to Oxford, UK, for a conference–and then going to London for some research and to catch up with friends and colleagues. I anticipate a few travel-related posts will arrive on these pages during that time, but our more usual diet of Fiction Reboot material will be suspended until my return on Sept 17th.

Coming Soon: I host Lynn Shepherd this week, and in the near future we will be featuring Marie Rutkoski (The Shadow Society, The Cabinet of Curiosities). If you have authors you would like to see featured here (or are an author yourself with a new release), please contact bschillace.

The Summer in Review: I thought it was fair to present a list of those interviewed so far this summer, a look back at the wise and wonderful words of great authors. Thank you to all!

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