Fiction Reboot: Featuring Curiosity Quills Press, bold new publishing

FictionReboot2Welcome to the Fiction Reboot!

Today I am happy to introduce Curiosity Quills Press! This unique publishing house–by authors, for authors–is an up and coming publishing alternative for new writers. I asked Sharon Bayliss, a science fiction and fantasy author from Austin, Texas to fill us in. She managed the social media accounts for Curiosity Quills Press–and her forthcoming debut novel, THE CHARGE, is a quirky New Adult alternate history about a Texas that never joined the U.S. Thank you, Sharon, For joining us today! (And make sure to read the announcements–great things to come this week!)



Brandy Schillace has asked me to discuss something that is near and dear to my heart, my publisher, Curiosity Quills Press. Naturally, I like them. They are the ones who finally gave me the “yes” I’d been waiting for. In fact, not only did they trust in my novel, they trusted in me, and hired me to help with social media marketing. So I get royalties and a paycheck. How amazing is that?

Even though I love them in part because they took a chance on me personally, I know Curiosity Quills Press is a great place for any author to call home. Here is why…

What they do

 Curiosity Quills Press is a progressive independent publishing house founded June in 2011 “by writers, for writers”. All of their novels are released in digital and print format and are available at select brick-and-mortar bookstores along with all major online booksellers. In additional to publishing traditional novels, they also have an extensive catalog of free serialized fiction and an active writing/publishing blog with many expert contributors.

“Traditionally the Big Six of publishing have been tasked with serving as a gateway between writers and book lovers, but with the Amazon Kindle taking its place in what’s now the Big Seven, readers look to flexible, innovative small press like Curiosity Quills to help navigate the torrent of newly published works. We are extremely proud of our authors and stand behind them one hundred percent.” – Marketing Director, Lisa Gus

What they publish

 Their specialty is, “hard-hitting dark sci-fi, speculative fiction, and paranormal works aimed at adults, young adults, and new adults,” but they’re growing rapidly and open to other genres if they really grab their attention. One of the latest serials is “Happiness: How To Find It” a romantic literary novel about a young Jehovah’s Witness torn between romantic love and the love of God. So, they’re open to just about anything with a hard-hitting storyline and memorable characters. They’re also known for their love of all things quirky, genre mash-ups, and taking risks on the new and unusual.

Who they are

 Becoming a Curiosity Quills author is more than just signing with a publisher. You become part of a strong, supportive community of writers from around the world. Some people ask me what it means when we say we are a “collective”. Well, it’s nothing weird. It just means that we work together and are friends. We hang out on social media, we critique each other, we promote each other, and most of all we support each other.

The editors and staff at Curiosity Quills are flexible, approachable, and open-minded. You get the benefit of professional editing, cover art, and marketing with a lot of the same freedom of choice you would get from self-publishing. They know that even authors whose submissions aren’t quite ready for publication yet may have something great coming next, so they treat everyone with respect. The acquisitions editors do their best to respond personally to every submission and may even provide feedback. They are also not afraid to take on novels that have that “magic” about them, but still need a lot of TLC from an editor.

What’s next?

 After a successful first year, Curiosity Quills is ready to expand. They recently had a very active acquisition period and now have around fifty authors signed. So, the next year means lots and lots of work for me! And that’s a good thing. They also hope to expand their distribution and grow and profit while still holding on to their love of independent authors and all things wild and wacky.

Are they open for submissions?

 Definitely. The submission guidelines are here.

Where can I learn more?

 Curiosity Quills Press is active on social media and loves grassroots marketing and contests, so there are plenty of ways to become involved. Start by following them here:

Feel free to interact with the friendly woman behind the curtain who manages these accounts. She is happy to talk to you. They can also be found on Google + and Pinterest.

Thank you for having me, Brandy!

…And thank you Sharon!


Stay tuned for more great  information on Curiosity Quills and other author resources in the coming weeks! Also this week: an interview with the uthor about whom Dean R. Koontz once said: “If thriller-reading were a sin, Stephen Gallagher would be responsible for my ultimate damnation.”

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  1. Thanks for the mention of ‘Happiness: How to Find It’. I am glad that Curiosity Quills picked up my sweet country romance. Working with Lisa, Sharon and the rest of CQ staff and authors has been a great experience. Having the support of a publisher that respects artistic integrity is awesome.

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