Fiction Reboot Returns to the Roost

Well, after sixteen hours of driving, I have finally arrived home to my plants (enormous), my cats (love-deprived and a little vindictive) and my full-sized computer key-board (a blessing much missed).

First, some lessons learned…


1. There is nothing quite like a change of scenery to energize the writer in all of us

2. A Fiction Reboot needs a System Reboot now and then: it is wonderful to relax and get the mind “right” once more, clearing the way for the work ahead.

3. It is possible to be quite productive, even when “relaxing”–if we put our minds to it. Frosty drinks and quiet lakes help with that, I find.

4. The return to normalcy is much more painful than the break-away, and seems to take much more energy!

However, we persevere! Now that the Fiction Reboot has come home, please stay tuned for this week’s writing goodies:


Author Interview with David Bain this Thursday! Author of Gray Lake, David gives us his views on the writing life.

The start of my latest mystery (offered in segments on T/W): Here Comes Troubelle

The Friday Fiction Feature turns back to new releases: YA and Historical Mystery titles for summer reading!

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