Destination Winona

You may have noticed that I tend to wax poetic about my little town here in the southeast corner of Minnesota. (Just maybe).

In part, I suppose, this outpouring is caused by my own sweet surprise. As I remark in my page Destination Winona, I was not specifically aiming to land in the Midwest. (Slight miscalculation of the coordinates, I think; I was shooting for the Rockies. Must have made a wrong turn, Bugs-Bunny style, in Albuquerque.) However, Winona is an incredible, lively, fascinating and historic town–full of culture and art and other things you might not expect to find among the Dolomite bluffs.

In fact, each season has offered something new and inspiring. You should have seen it in winter, when the hills sparkled in sun-lit snow. You should see it now, when the mist rises from jungle-thick forests, hovering like smoke over my own little Amazon. To honor the remarkable nature of this part of the country–and the many faces of Winona, MN–I have been adding steadily to that Destination page. You might think of it as a tourism site of sorts: a new-comer’s guide. If you have not checked it out, or have been away for a while, do take a look.

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