L’Université Paris Descartes… and CMP

One of the great advantages of my post as Managing Editor of Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry  is the privilege of meeting and working with incredible people. I have been honored not only to work with our Editor, Dr. Atwood Gaines, but I have met (in person or through correspondence), people at the very pinnacle of their fields–Arthur Kleinman, Margaret Lock, Byron and MaryJo  DelVecchio Good, and many, many others. While in Paris, I also had the opportunity to meet another of Dr. Gaines’ colleagues, Pr Christian Hervé. Director of the Laboratoire d’éthique médicale et médecine légale at L’Université Paris Descartes. The center is the doctoral program of medical and biological ethics, a “réflexion éthique sur les pratiques de médecine et de biologie“.

I have always had an abiding interest in intersections; you might say I find everything more engaging at the crossroads. My interest in literature (1690-1800s) it almost always  deepened and colored by my interests in medicine and history. This kind of study cannot exist without collaboration–interdisciplinarity cannot thrive in a vacuum. My meeting with Dr. Hervé was therefore a great pleasure, as he promotes interdisciplinarity in his program. I am taking a class of students (pending approval) to Paris next year, to see museums in Paris, London and Rouen–I hope to spend more time in Paris, and I hope, as always, to continue meeting with colleagues in the wider world of academe.

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