Ah, Paris

They say Paris is for lovers. I agree. It is also for jugglers. And clowns. And fashion models. And researchers, students, back-packers, painters, planters, walkers, joggers, fiddlers, pipers, up-and-comers and down-and-outers…and dogs. Tons of dogs in this town.

But to be honest, I have spent almost the entire trip under ground. C’est Vrai. Paris has an exceptional Metro–so exceptional, in fact, that people literally do not walk down the block. You don’t need to. Since my duty here is to prepare for a summer study with my students, I wanted to become a student of transportation–and it was less the adventure than I thought it would be. One rainy afternoon, I road the rails for about 4 hours. And it was lovely–after all, a collection of very interesting objects may be viewed in the underground. I saw a fresh fruit stand, a five piece band, two jazz musicians, someone playing an old-fashioned record-box, and some impromptu art. I will, in my next post, regale you with the actual import of the trip–my visits to museums and with colleagues.

But I know you just want photos of the Louvre, so here you are. I went there today, and ate at the lovely outdoor cafe. Here is a quick picture of me, drinking truly fabulous chocolate. It is nothing like what you encounter in the states; not too sweet, it is kind of coffee-like. For chocolate lovers like me, it is rather like coffee on cocaine. As you can see, I am incognito in this snap, attempting to look less perfectly American than usual. But because I am a great lover of food done the right way, I am also providing an image of the best croque-madame I have every encountered. C’est si bon!

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